PPC Advertising Services – Bajwa InfoTech is a Leading PPCD Company that offers best PPC advertisement and management services in India and across the world. Our experts are Google Adwords certified and Bing Ads Certified. We are serving multiple businesses are looking for genuine, affordable and effective PPC services for their company. We have worked with several projects and helped them get the best quotation resulting in increased traffic, greater conversion rates and increased sales of their product or services.

PPC ads are one of the best ways by which you can increase the traffic and sales for a short period of time. Pay per click ads work by charging for every single click that a customer makes on your ad on specific keywords. Bajwa InfoTech will help raise return on investment and return on ad spend by strategizing your campaign for long run. We want our customers to get cost-effective and profitable PPC advertising services. You’re budget, your campaign! You can manage the ads and let us know with a healthy discussion. We assure you best results and good growth of business.

Why Go For PPC Advertisements for Better Business Growth?

The fastest and effective way of driving customers to your side it paid advertisements or pay per click. This is the best way by which you can increase sales, brand awareness and generate traffic. Business should go for this especially those who aren’t into SEO or have low rankings on search engine. Fresh entrepreneurs should do this at an early stage for better business. Selecting keywords for PPC is like bidding. The heavy traffic generating keywords have higher bid, lesser traffic means lower bidding. A PPC Company will help you clear the confusion which keywords to go. We present some statistics. About PPC:

  • As per a survey, people have seen 3500 percent growth in website traffic by implanting PPC.
  • 1197 percent boost in organic traffic.
  • Increase by 157 percent in Organic views
  • Businesses make double the income on average spent on advertisements.
  • PPC visitors are more likely to buy products or services from your ad than organic visitors.
  • Social Media ads are at rise with 65 percent earning profits via LinkedIn paid ads, 2.5 times ROI growth with Facebook remarketing etc.
  • Google Ads receive 65 percent clicks to buy keywords than organic research. Thus, making it profitable for ecommerce ventures.
  • Display advertisements have shown 300 percent growth in traffic to the website.
  • 70 percent of people like to click on ads to purchase a product.

We Provide PPC Services All Sorts for Business

Bajwa InfoTech has worked with multiple companies serving different industries to multiple industries. We specialize in pharma business, real estate, ecommerce ventures, law firms etc. You can be fully assured that you’re being supported by team of professionals who have great knowledge about the PPC campaigns and help you plan the future course at budgeted price. We offer industry specific PPC services also like E-commerce PPC management, Real Estate PPC, Pharma Companies Google Adwords, Law Firm PPC Ads etc.

PPC Services and Campaign Strategy

Discuss and Recommend Keywords: Professional and paid tools are used to make keyword analysis for your business. We filter those who have higher ROI and provide good traffic to your website.

Keyword Bidding Management: We help you target keywords that are mostly targeted but have least competition. Bidding rates on every keyword is different and we want the best for you. Therefore, list of keywords are made and calculated for smooth management.

PPC Campaign Copywriting: An attractive description and title is essential to catch the attention of customers. We have the best content writers who will help you get that attractive and effective content.

Performance Management & Reporting: Regular documentation and reporting to clients are done as a part of our service. We provide reports on ROI, click through rate, traffic reports etc. You can be assured that only best is presented to you.

PPC Advertisement & Management Services by Bajwa InfoTech

With the help of Google and Bing Ads certified experts, we will help build a powerful campaign for your business. Our company is well known to provide all kinds of solutions for pay per click marketing. Whether you have a small budget or high budget, we can help you make it cost-effective and cost-efficient. Our services include the following:

  • Search Advertising (also known as Paid Search, SEM, PPC, etc.)
  • Display Advertising
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Re Marketing
  • Remarketing
  • Social Media Advertising

You can have a talk with an expert and know about the services.

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