Online Reputation Management Company – With online business making its way, customers have made their way ensuring that business are legal and have a good reputation. Companies with negative reputation are not received well and having a positive brand reputation leads to credibility and goodwill creation. Bajwa InfoTech is one such trusted Online Reputation management company that works to build a strong and positive branding of your company. We have a vast team of experts who will help you become a cheerful name amongst your potential customers and public. We target wider audiences via different strategies, portals, social interaction and engagements.

Enjoy best ORM management services under expert advice and suggestions. Bajwa InfoTech has worked to build great branding for companies. We are into digital marketing and web development too which will help you enhance your image online and create the trust between your business and your audience. Our company is a reputed name and provides transparent services across India. We know the value of positive brand reputation and strive to create a greater impact on masses, good connection with customers and drive traffic to your business. You’ll get 360 degree solution for impactful promotion and marketing.

Reputation Management Services by Bajwa InfoTech

For every business, a good reputation is essential to drive more customers and retain them. Bajwa InfoTech works on building, repairing, recovering and managing online reputation. We make sure negative comments and reviews are being ignored and only positive points of your business are being featured. We know how to develop a positive reputation with the help of our services that you can take:

Reputation Repair: If your company is facing issues with negativity then we can help fix online reputation. We will help you remove negative comments and contents from search engines, improved Google Business listing reviews and other platforms. Try to push negative Google reviews down and bring positive points of your company to surface everywhere for positive branding.

Build Reputation: We work on building your online brand public representation (PR), rating of your business on third party portals, reviews, comments on your business, and positive online contents. Our campaigns include business listings, SEO, program execution, competitive intelligence, monitoring & improvement.

Review Management: 88 percent people check online for reviews. We will remove negative reviews, Improve star-ratings & customer feedback online like Google, Yelp, and Facebook etc. By review management you’ll increase conversion rate on your website, cut deduplication by same person, analysis negative review cause etc.

Digital Marketing Services: SEO and SMO services are a good way to create a long lasting impact on the public. We have different strategies by which we can make a long-lasting good impression of your business like guest blogging, Google organic ranks, social media interactions, increased engagements etc.

How Do We Work?

Bajwa InfoTech works with a complex process to ensure that your business is being promoted in a correct way. There are three ways by which we ensure good results:

  • We take a look at your negative reviews, comments and posts which is ruining the position of your company. We then try to know the root cause of it. This could have many reasons like fake comments, spams, unsatisfied customers, unfulfilled service etc.
  • Positive comments, reviews and blogs are posted on frequent basis. This is done to make the negative feedback impact less. It is best if they can be completely deleted which is not in many cases. We have SEO and SMO expert who will help you and guide you for better understanding of strategies and implementation.
  • On a regular basis, the activity on your pages, accounts and third party portals are checked to ensure that the positive impact is long lasting. Quick actions are taken under expert advice. We use different marketing tactics to add that band value to your business.

Bajwa InfoTech ‘Best ORM Management Company

Our company is a dedicated organization which has teams of experts from different fields of digital marketing, development and designing. We specialize in branding and reputation building through our services. Features of our company, Bajwa InfoTech are as follows:

  • You’ll be provided with a dedicated manager with whom you can coordinate.
  • 24x7 customer support is available.
  • We will track your performance daily with progress reporting.
  • Efficient CRM tools are used by our company for daily updates to our clients.

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