Online Reputation Management – Above 60% make an online research about the business before availing a service! In today’s modern hi-tech generation, competitions have increased and having a positive brand reputation online is essential for business survival. How you represent online is an important factor to drive customers. A good representation earns you credibility and endows Goodwill. Bajwa InfoTech is a top ORM services company that will not only help you build a great branding image but also drop the negativity surrounding your business on platforms like Google Local Business, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.) and review platforms (Glassdoors,, Trustpilot etc.).

Online Reputation Management (ORM) services helps you create credibility on your brand, build strong brand images, and boost traffic and sales. A negative image can be blurred using effective ORM strategies and Bajwa InfoTech is a best Online Reputation Management company that can help you. With years of experience and skilled team of expert strategists and analysts, we can help you create a great online presence and showcase your business at its perfection.

Importance of Building Positive Business Reputation Online

“If we say, 88 percent of people read reviews to decide on trust and quality of a business and 85 percent read at least 6 to 10 reviews before making mind to make a purchase, then you must have known ORM is important!”

“Reviews” and “Feedbacks” are two essential aspects that are kept in mind by customers when doing online shopping or taking a service. A staggering 72 percent people actually take action based on these. ORM works on improving your online reputation and creates a branding image. The advantages of positive Online Reputation for your business:

  • You add credibility to your name and builds trust in your brand.
  • Easily increase traffic which increases sales.
  • More retention rate of visitors coming for your business.
  • Increase Customer engagement and enhance business strategies in future.
  • Long term business advantages like attract good employees.
  • Widen your business reach from local to national to international.
  • Cut competition directly etc.

Why Do You Need Online Reputation Management Company in India?

Reputation is a strong word but very fragile! It takes years to make a successful business with loads of hard work but having a negative reputation can make great differences. People want to invest in trusted brands with lower risks. Therefore, they go through different websites to ensure that they are getting from the best.

It is a daunting task to track all your negative reviews, turn into positive, and repair or influence vast masses. An ORM company helps you create that trust in public. From reputation surveys, monitoring to marketing, a good ORM service company will help you deal with it like a pro. You can easily manage your positive brand image and derive more benefits from it.

Types of ORM Services in India Offered By Bajwa InfoTech

Our company is a top ORM company that helps you builds and manages relations. We support to recover online reputation, monitoring and managing feedbacks across the internet. Our company puts your best foot forward to showcase your business. A good reputed company enjoys great customer engagements, traffic and sales. We have two types of services available for you!

Negating Negative Comments - Using different ORM software and tools, we can easily track negative mentions of your business. With expert advice and techniques, we try to remove or rank down those comments. We encourage you to respond in the best positive way.

Empower Positive Comments: It is a two way process. If you’re a fresh business, it is our goal to increase positive reviews and feedbacks of your business. In case, you have loads of negative reviews like in Google my Business, only genuine positive reviews can help make the customer experience better.

We implement SEO techniques and strategies, to make your brand image, create positive content, track and manage business pages and reflect a good image.

What Choose Our ORM Services in India?

Bajwa InfoTech has been a trusted name in market for online reputation management services. We have helped empower company with positive branding strategies.

  • Complete transparency of work.
  • Get 100% results and customer satisfaction
  • Genuine quotations
  • Support from top certified experts.
  • Result-driven ideas
  • Quick results etc.