E-commerce Marketing – Online shopping is the new trend with Amazon, Alibaba, Flipcart etc. making millions and billions of dollars. An E-commerce platform works as an online business where you can sell as a B2B, B2C, C22, B2A, and A2C etc. Bajwa InfoTech brings you wider solutions for all kinds of E-commerce marketing services. We are a complete web designing, development and digital marketing company that provide affordable yet professional services globally.

E-commerce sales have grown over a trillion US dollars and it is said to grow more. More than 80 percent have availed online shopping. If you’re a business or a company looking to expand inventory and sales growth then Bajwa InfoTech can help you. We’re a trusted E-commerce marketing company that lends solution to online marketing techniques. Our services include SEM, SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Web Solutions. You enjoy a great package when working with us. It is our assurance to driver more traffic, sales and promotes credibility of your business online.

E-commerce Marketing – Best Way to Drive More Business

E-commerce is basically an online business where sales and purchase transactions take place. The biggest success of E-commerce are online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. and business-to-business websites like IndiaMart, Alibaba etc. The success of these companies reflects the future of tomorrow as more and more buyers are going online to buy a service or product. The online business has minimum investment but reaps good profits. For this, you’ll need to promote your business and E-commerce marketing services will help you. This relies on 4 factors:

  • Paid Advertisement: Search engines offer such services where you have to pay for the advertisement of your service of products when the user clicks it. This is called PPC (pay per click). You can increase the traffic easily through this.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Organic way of driving traffic for specific keywords. It is a long term investment but reaps greater profit with genuine leads. This increases credibility among the users. You just need to optimize the website to latest algorithms and trends of search engine like Google and achieve higher rank of SE search pages.
  • Referral Marketing: Social media and off page blogging help engage customers and build trust. Happy customers are a bonus when they refer to their known people. Various marketing techniques are used to ensure for user engagement.
  • E-mail Marketing: Bulk Emails are sent to customers to tell them about the latest trends, offers, sales, product launch, services and everything that you want your customers to know. Newsletter is sent to subscribers and people who might love to take your service.

E-commerce Marketing Solution Offered by Bajwa InfoTech

Smart phones have become an indispensable part of our life. When it comes to online shopping whether mobile or desktop, the user goes through a range of items to make sure that they are buying from the right person. Your website should meet all the requirements of the client from product description, comparison, and search bar to filters. Our company provides a complete package from development to marketing of your online business.

  • Content Marketing: Creative contents are provided that engage customers via e-books, landing pages, product blog posts, Guest blogging, review articles, email newsletters etc. They are written by experienced and skilled writers that create attractive and professional contents based on product research phase.
  • Social Media Advertisement Campaigns: People are all over social media like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. We provide low-cost, high-reward campaigns.
  • Website Design & Development: The websites need to be meeting the latest expectations of your customers who want fast, reliable and efficient experience. We service in providing solutions like e-commerce websites for mobiles, voice search via voice assistance etc.
  • PPC: We provide Google PPC shopping and search ads services. If you want, we can also help you standout your products with Amazon Ads, etc. Just pay per click and drive more traffic.
  • Local SEO: 85% search for “where to buy” has increased which means people look for services nearby. We provide effective digital marketing services of search engine optimization which includes social media optimization also.
  • Branding & Smart Selling Techniques: Get the best of competitive advantage by branding your products and services via E-commerce marketing solution by Bajwa InfoTech. We will help improve customer relationship online by conveying credibility, value, experience and quality.

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